Litigating Catastrophic Economic Loss Claims For Our Clients

Almost every type of business, and the individuals who work in them, are included in this settlement program as class members. In fact, the list of eligible businesses is literally hundreds of pages long. If your business is located in either a gray, red, yellow or purple area on this BP settlement map, you are automatically included in the class (with very limited exceptions).

Many people erroneously assume that if they are not employed in the hospitality, tourism, fishing or recreation fields, then they cannot file claims. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you experienced a loss as a result of the spill, you can participate. The causal connection is determined through the application of Exhibit 4B of the 1,200 page Settlement Agreement.

Tradespeople of all kinds can participate. This includes electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and all others involved in the construction industry. Professionals such as veterinarians, dentists, architects, and accountants are eligible. Non-profit groups such a religious organizations, charities, foundations and museums are included, as are salespeople of all kinds. Farmers and all manner of agricultural concerns are eligible.

The only business types excluded from participating are finance and banking related companies, insurance entities, casinos, real estate developers, certain oil and gas concerns, defense contractors and governmental entities. Every other type of business, and the employees who work for them, should investigate the merits of their claim if they were impacted.