Litigating Catastrophic Economic Loss Claims For Our Clients

Representing local governments, hospitals, and other entities which have experienced opioid-related losses, our law firm has partnered with the Nation’s leading public health attorneys to help put an end to this addiction crisis.

We allege that the opioid epidemic began with the aggressive and deceptive marketing practices of certain pharmaceutical manufacturers, resulting in the over-prescription of OxyContin and other opioid pain relievers in the 1990s. This led to opioids becoming the most prescribed class of medications in the United States. From 1991 and 2011, opioid prescriptions tripled from 76 million to 219 million per year. This unprecedented increase has led to tens of thousands of prescription overdoses, hospitalizations and fatalities. After many states cracked down on so-called “pill mills,” the use of illicit Fentanyl and heroin by a now addicted population skyrocketed.

In addition to countless personal tragedies, state and local government budgets have been decimated by the epidemic. An addicted population stresses law enforcement, emergency medical first responders, healthcare facilities, and other taxpayer-funded government services. In addition, local governments, as well as for-profit companies and non-profit entities which self-fund their insurance plans, may have claims against opioid manufacturers and distributors for losses associated with medically unnecessary prescriptions (as well as treatment costs for their addicted employees).

Our law firm is working in concert with dozens of like-minded firms, including two former state attorneys general, to bring these cases against certain pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. We allege that the Defendants knew or should have known that their products were highly addictive and often poor treatment choices for those with chronic, non-cancer related pain. We work strictly on contingency, meaning there are no up front costs and we are only compensated for our work if we recover for our clients.

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