As of the latest report available from the Claims Administrator (April 27, 2017), BP has appealed 9,152 claims. This represents a BP appeal rate of approximately 21%. Claimants have appealed 5,935 claims (either appealing outright denials or contesting the amount awarded). Of the BEL appeals that have been resolved, the Claimant has persuaded the Appeal Panelist(s) to increase the award amount in 140 instances, while BP has succeeded in lowering the amount in 1,816 claims. In 3,053 instances the amount awarded has remained the same post-appeal. 1,240 outright denials were upheld, while 197 were reversed in favor of the Claimant. You may read some of the more recent appeal decisions here.

In June 2017 our firm made the strategic decision to limit new appellate representation in BP matters to those businesses with claim values exceeding $500,000.