This afternoon The Law Office of Thomas L. Young, P.A. filed an amicus brief in the United States Supreme Court on behalf of the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce, the Ascension Chamber of Commerce, the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce, the St. Bernard Parish Chamber of Commerce, the River Region Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce of Cape Coral. These local chambers wished to inform the Justices of misstatements made by their parent organization, The United States Chamber of Commerce (“The Chamber”), in that organization’s filing in support of BP and the company’s attempt to renege on its own Settlement Agreement.

The Chamber did not seek the input nor approval of its local chamber members prior to filing its amicus brief in support of BP. In its brief, The Chamber purports to speak for “more than three million U.S. businesses and organizations of every size, in every industry, and from every region of the country”, yet it fails to disclose that hundreds, and potentially thousands, of local Gulf coast members of The Chamber have filed claims for business economic losses in reliance on the Settlement Agreement – a Contract – and the very compensation system BP designed, lobbied for District Court approval of, attested to the adequacy and fairness of under oath, and initially defended before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. They also did not talk about the new new class action lawsuits.

The Chamber’s amicus brief continues saying, “One important Chamber function is to represent the interests of its members in matters before the courts.” By supporting BP, The Chamber does no such thing with regard to its local Gulf coast area members.

Supreme Court Local Chamber of Commerce Amicus Brief in BP

Local Chambers of Commerce located throughout the Gulf of Mexico file this amicus brief in the United States Supreme Court on Monday, October 6, 2014 asking the Court to enforce the Settlement Agreement as the binding Contract that it is.