Volkswagen Emissions: Employees & Others Share Information

Our law firm is investigating the Volkswagen emissions tampering allegations. Hundreds of thousands of VW clean-diesel vehicles (TDI) have been implicated. Most of the allegations involve the use of a “defeat device” or other mechanism which alters emissions characteristics during¬†inspection.

We are interested in speaking with anyone who has information concerning when Volkswagen management first became aware of the use of this emissions defeat software, whether its implementation was at the direction of upper management, if additional vehicles are affected, or any other information. Volkswagen owners have a right to know. Such information will be held in strict confidence and will not be revealed unless the whistleblower gives us permission to do so.

Our law firm, working with others, will get to the bottom of this scandal. Our aim is to see that owners, lessees, and dealers are made whole and that our environmental laws are followed. Please contact us or call 813-251-9706 to speak privately with an attorney.