As one of the first and only plaintiff trial law firms in the country dedicated exclusively to the preparation and filing of oil spill claims, The Law Office of Thomas L. Young, P.A. is uniquely positioned to assist businesses, individuals, non-profits and other entities that have experienced an economic loss due to the release of crude oil or other toxins into the environment.

While the compensation requirements are complex and varied, if your corporate entity or other commercial (or non-profit) concern experienced a revenue decrease after an oil spill or other environmental disaster, you would be well served to have your books evaluated by experienced legal and financial counsel. There are time limits within which you must file your claim. As such, contact us today at 813-251-9706 for a free consultation.

Quick Answers About Oil Spill Claims

Are we eligible?
Any business or individual that experienced a loss of profits due to an oil spill is eligible for compensation under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (and other legislation). The party responsible for the spill (“Responsible Party”) must provide compensation up to a certain amount.

Compensation beyond such limit is provided by the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund which is administered by the United States Coast Guard and funded by a per-barrel fee charged to oil producers.

How do we prove an oil spill caused our loss?
You must provide evidence of causation. Such evidence may include photographs, tax returns, income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, receipts, evidence of cancelled contracts and more. Each claim is unique, and thus it is critical to engage an experienced professional in order to make your best case for compensation.
Is it true that an initial claim evaluation is free?
Yes. If you provide our firm with monthly profit and loss statements in spreadsheet format, our office will provide a free claims analysis to determine whether we believe you qualify for payment. There is no charge for this service, nor is there any obligation to further engage our firm.

While the initial evaluation is free, if you subsequently retain our firm, preparing and filing your claim is a complex process for which a contingency fee is charged.

Do we really need outside counsel? Can we do this in-house?
As with any legal proceeding, companies are free to represent themselves. However, if you do not like to prepare your own annual tax returns, you will not enjoy trying to navigate this process.

Furthermore, without the assistance of legal and financial professionals well versed in the intricacies and nuances of this unique compensation program, you run the risk of failing to maximize the value of your claim, or worse, having it denied altogether.

How do oil spills impact the local economy?
While all spills are unique, the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster resulted in over 50,000 lost jobs and 10,000 corporate bankruptcies – in Florida alone. The spill caused tens of billions of dollars of economic damage in addition to the ongoing environmental trauma.
How long do we have to file a claim?
As with any legal proceeding, the devil is in the details. That said, claims for compensation under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 must be filed within three (3) years of the date on which the damage and its connection with the spill was reasonably discoverable.